A 21-year-old woman files s.e.xual harassment case against Bishop Makamu. He has finally had enough of the misery of allegedly being s.e.xually harrased by a man of the cloth. And none of his alleged moves to get out of a tough situation worked.

A 21-year-old woman has opened a case of sexual harassment against Makamu of Endless Hope Bible Church for making s.e.xual advances in 2018 when she was 17.

The young woman, who works at the church, claimed she was with a colleague and Makamu in 2018 when he gave her inappropriate looks.

“I was in jeans and a body suit. I was with a colleague and the bishop at the office park.”

Later that day she had many missed calls from the bishop, and when she phoned back he said they should meet at an intersection about the church keys.

“Because he’s an elder at the church, I rushed to meet him,” she alleged.

She claimed he offered to give her a lift home.

He allegedly took her to the church. When she asked why, he said: “Hai! Ska wara.”

A security guard was there so they drove to an office park.

“When we got there he tried to kiss me and I ran away,” she alleged.

She claimed he called the next day, asking when she’d give it to him.

“I said Sunday and he said okay.”
That’s when she was advised to record the conversation. She recorded the next call, and the clip is doing the rounds.

Asked if she understood what he asked from her, she claimed: “I understood. Before I started recording he said he’d sleep with me.”

She alleged after the call she told her parents and played them the clip. Her father confronted the bishop and played him the clip.

“He said it wasn’t his voice and accused me of faking the clip,” claimed the girl.

The father said: “My daughter calls him daddy out of respect and he sees her as a wife. If he was near me I was going to beat him up.”

He said he confronted Makamu and wanted him to apologise to him and his daughter but that didn’t go as planned after. Makamu allegedly told him: “You don’t know who I am.”

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He said he didn’t want the bishop near his daughter. He said since the bishop failed to apologise, he wants justice for his daughter. They laid a charge at Midrand cop shop.
Daily Sun tried to get hold of the bishop. Someone answered his cellphone and took a message, but the bishop never returned the call. We then texted him, but at the time of going to press we’d still not heard from him.

Captain Mavela Masondo said a sexual assault case will be allocated to the family violence, child protection and sexual offences unit for investigation. No arrests have been made.

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