A young school girl commit suicide after being bullied about her sangoma calling. A learner from Ndwendwe who was had been expelled from school for wearing traditional clothing ended her life despite the department of education allowing her to school and this is very tragic because we cannot blame the school neither we can’t blame her.

A young school girl commit suic!de after being bull!ed about her sangoma calling

The learner claimed that because of her ancestral calling, she was expelled from wearing ibhayi over her uniform. Clearly this is something that really means a lot to her and she wanted to express her calling without feeling ashamed over it.

Unfortunately the school rules do not allow such activities as they have their own protocol, this case had to be reviewed by the department but sadly she committed suicide before the issue could be resolved.

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The provincial education department expressed it’s sorrow of this loss and they had responded with a statement claiming that Mbalenhle was back in school and they don’t know the cause of her commiting suicide, they had also sent condolences to her family.

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