Actor Hungani Ndlovu shattered as he Closes his Talent Academy due to Covid-19. Covid 19 is still ruining things in 2021. While many have lost their lives, some are losing their livelihoods and dream projects as in the case of Hungani Ndlovu. The actor who has been running an talent agency has had to close its doors due to the virus.

Actor Hungani Ndlovu shattered

He took to Instagram to break the news. You can tell this was a tough decision because he was fighting the water works as he shared his announcement.

Hello guys It’s Hungani Ndlovu, I just have some things to share with you. I really don’t know how it’s going to pan out because it’s something that I didn’t think I’ll need to share with you here, but unfortunately or fortunately only God knows, I’m sharing this. So many of you who are avid fans and followers of the work that I do, know that I started a talent agency called Sans Group and we’ve grown gradually.

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We had just opened our doors to our beautiful new home in Parkhurst and we had our first open day finally and things are looking great and then Covid happened in March and we’ve been closed since the 18th of March.

If you have been longing to come to Sans group to take a class or meet us or learn more about what we about or get some training from, I’m sorry you won’t get to do that in 2021. Unfortunately will be closing the Sans group will be closing its doors, I don’t know for how long.

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