Actor SK Khoza’s Gets Nominated For ‘Drama Queen Of The Year’ Award. This year’s Feather Awards have nominated actor SK Khoza. SK Khoza is nominated for ‘Drama Queen Of The Year’ in the 14th edition of the award ceremony.

Actor SK Khoza’s Gets Nominated For ‘Drama Queen Of The Year’ Award

This year has seen a lot of drama surrounding SK Khoza. SK Khoza deserves this award for his drunken videos in which he is seen attempting to start fights with people, as well as his sex tapes and other strange behavior.


Real Housewives of Cape Town (RHOCT) reality star Thato and Professor Mokgethi have been nominated for Drama Queen Of The Year alongside the actor.
Following the release of his disturbing videos, SK apologized to his fans and stated that he was trapped in a very dark place.

“Forgive me for I have sinned and was trapped in a very dark space, to everyone that I was rude and mean to … my deepest apologies.” he wrote.

As if that wasn’t enough, a sex tape of him having oral sex with a female was also leaked. He tried to cover up his shame by claiming it was for his Only Fans. However, in an interview with The Uprising on Gagasi FM, he stated that the video is very old and apologized.

“Do you know how old that video is? You don’t. You know why? Because it’s not yours. It wasn’t for y’all to see. It is very old , probably a year. Do you see how long my beard is? Because it just came out people think it is new.”

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He is also embroiled in some pap-geld drama in which his baby mama, Gogo Maweni, claims she does not require his money. “Because I don’t require his money! “I’m more than financially independent because I work hard and my kids have everything, including an amazing father figure in my husband,” she said.

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