Actress Sophie Lichaba Ndaba Scammed. BUSINESSWOMAN and actress Sophie Lichaba has joined the long list of celebrities who are victims of scammers.

Actress Sophie Lichaba Ndaba Scammed

Over the weekend, she warned the public about a fake account opened under her name.

The person behind the fake account invited people to join Bamboo money, promising them big financial returns in a short space of time.

Taking to her Facebook page, Sophie wrote: “Fake account alert! Attached Facebook account is fake, including the scam of taking money from people. Please share! People are stranded and sick-minded, using people like me. Be cautious. Do not invest.”

Her fans took turns to confirm that they had suspected the account was fake.

“Dankie! I told people yesterday that the account was a scam,” said Prudence Lecogo.

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Akhona Sobekwa commented: “Thank you for letting us know my diva. I know you’ll never stoop that low.” Lungster Ngelo Dee advised her to have her account verified.

“Please have your account verified so it has that blue tick at the top just after your surname.”

The fake account has since been deleted.


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