After she was bullied for being ugly she left Mzansi in shock with her transformation. Matwa Fifi was tormented so much on social media that she canceled all of her accounts. Matwa has evolved into a new person who is a beautiful queen after receiving counseling to enhance her self-esteem and confidence.

After she was bullied for being ugly she left Mzansi in shock with her transformation

Because of her stunning beauty, the new Matwa has left everyone stunned and awed.Matwa Fifi has gone through a lot on social media in the last few days since she has been bullied because of her appearance and images being published all over social media and people making fun of her.

She began to have suicidal thoughts as a result of the bullying she was subjected to. A nice woman requested assistance, asking social media users to promote the message until it reached her so that she and her team could assist her.

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She became well known of well she took to social media to appreciate God for making her the way she is, but then as she was doing all that she sounded like someone who is planning to take away her life cause of what the people had been saying to her on the net.

Thanks to all those who came forward to help her. The fact is social media can be helpful but then it can sometimes lead to some of the people taking away their lives cause of what is being said to them.

The net is good but the users of it can make it to be so rough sometimes.

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