AKA’s daughter Kairo Forbes hasn’t been active on social media. Kairo Forbes is DJ Zinhle and AKA’s daughter. She will be turning 6 years old this year. At her age, she is already doing well in a business that is managed by her mother. She is already making money at her age, and by the time she grows old, she will be a millionaire.

AKA’s daughter Kairo Forbes hasn’t been active on social media

Kairo has an Instagram account that she uses to advertise her business, and to inspire her peers. The Instagram account is managed by her grandmother, Lynn Forbes who is AKA’s mother. The two of them have the greatest bond, and they spend most of their time together.


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Now that AKA is mourning his wife, most things have not yet been back to normal in their lives. Lynn was spotted in Durban, attending Nelli’s funeral. She was seated next to AKA, and was obviously there to offer him support as a mother. She has not been active in her account as well, and since she is the one who manages Kairo’s account, it means both accounts will not be active until the mourning period has passed.

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