All you need to know about Sfiso Ncwane and Nonku Williams’ love affair. The second episode of Real Housewives of Durban is just a few days away and already a lot of tea is being served.

All you need to know about Sfiso Ncwane and Nonku Williams’ love affair

With the debut episode leaving us hanging and wondering about the alleged affair between Sfiso Ncwane and Nonku Williams, the Ncwanes finally clear the air. Reaching out to the Daily Sun, the Ncwanes expressed how they miss their grandchild Nothile, Nonku‘s daughter. This confirms what everyone was thinking. Nonku was telling the truth!!

Towards the end of the show after showing much hostility to Ayanda, Nonku reveals that she has a child with the late Sfiso Ncwane. According to what the Ncwanes reveal, Nonku and her daughter regularly visited Sfiso’s mother until she became a toddler. Williams and her daughter suddenly go MIA and Sfiso’s mother tried hard to reach out all to no avail. The reality show finally gave Irene Ncwane a chance to express how much she missed Nonku and Nothile.

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Apparently, the late gospel singer was in an entanglement with Ayanda and Nonku. When he decides to call it quits with Nonku, a baby was already on the way. This however does not stop Sfiso from tying the knot with Ayanda. Despite Ayanda’s shock during the reality show’s debut episode, it however seems she knew about Sfiso’s baby with the other woman and was not in approval.

More tea will be served in the second episode. At least we now know the reason for Nonku’s bad vibes during the first episode of Real Housewives of Durban.

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