ANGER over Ricky Rick’s statue. He made a wax statue of the late hip-hop star, Ricky Rick to honour him. He then posted the photos on social media, inviting fans to come view the statue for free.

ANGER over Ricky Rick’s statue - Pics

The family told him to stop showing the statue in public, saying it’s too soon for them.

However, Lungelo Gumede doesn’t understand why he was instructed to stop showing his work as an artist, especially the work of a public figure like Riky.Ricky Rick1

He said as much as he respects the family and removed the photos from social media, he feels Riky Rick’s family shouldn’t be sensitive about the statue as their son was a public figure.

“They allowed Big Zulu to record a tribute song for him. They also allowed Rasta to draw him at his funeral. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to do my work on him as an artist? I fail to understand. But maybe they felt the wax statue was real when they saw it on social media. When one looks at the wax statue, it’s like they are looking at the real him. It feels like he is still alive,” said Lungelo.

When Daily Sun visited the Bat Centre in Durban, where Riky Rick’s wax statue is displayed, the Sun Team found it covered in brown paper.

And Lungelo said he covered it after the family called him. But Ricky Rick’s fans were flocking in asking to take photos with the statue.

However, Lungelo wouldn’t allow them as he respected the family.

“When I deleted the photos, over 800 people had already shared them. When they called me, hundreds of fans had already taken photos with the statue. It’s beyond their control now. But the question is, what about my artistic work? What about my time that I’ve put into this project? Some things are not fair,” said Lungelo.

A local publication called Riky’s brother, who identified himself as Themba.

He said: “We’re still mourning. So this thing is too soon for us.”

Asked about Lungelo’s concern that they allowed Big Zulu to record a tribute song and Rasta to draw a portrait, Themba said: “I wish not to comment further. We are mourning.”

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Lungelo is known for making wax statues of celebrities, politicians and prominent church leaders.

He also made a wax statue of his brother-in-law, Sfiso Ncwane, which was placed next to his coffin at his funeral.

There are also statues of former president Nelson Mandela, and Black Coffee at his place of work.

He said he feels like the family doesn’t understand his job.

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