A video is doing the rounds on social media and has gone viral of Nomcebo’s husband destroying her car in front of what appears to be a school campus. The viral 28 seconds video was posted on Twitter after what appears to be a cheating scandal and a woman scorned. Angry Husband Destroys Nomcebo’s Car

Angry Husband Destroys Nomcebo’s Car - Video

Speculation around the video suggests a cheating scandal gone wrong. Though not much detail was shared on the happenings before the video recording which is trending on twitter.

Many people on social media however thought the Nomcebo being referred to in the viral video is Nomcebo Zikode of the Jerusalema fame. However, Mzansi Ndaba has deciphered that the Nomcebo in the video is not the same one as the popular Nomcebo Zikode who is recognized worldwide.

The husband, wearing grey trank suit and nothing on his upper body is visibly enraged by wahtever nomcebo did to her.



Reactions to the video varied :

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Some sensible Tweeps however suggested that it might not have been a cheating scandal gone wrong and maybe Nomcebo passed away and bae was mourning.

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