Another lady said this about Jub-Jub. Molemo Maarohanye aka Jub Jub is a South African hip hop artist, media personality and TV host of popular show called Uyajola 9/9, a show that exposes people who cheat on their partners.

Another lady said this about Jub-Jub

This man has been making headlines the past week, even now things are still the same. People are still talking about him left, right and centre after the famous Skeem Saam actress Amanda Du Pont accused him of raping her when they were still dating.

Most people blame Amanda for waiting for this long to talk about her ordeal, but others who understand the trauma and pain that rape can cause on a person’s life took her side.

Jacqueline who is Jub Jub’s mother stood up for her son and even said that the reason Amanda Du Pont is in the limelight is because of Jub Jub. There’s a video that’s been trending online on which Jacqueline even asked ,”where are the twins she once told me about”. It seems Amanda was pregnant, but had to terminate because of her own personal reasons.

Another lady said this about Jub-Jub

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This lady named Shirley said that at the age of 41, Jub Jub still gets his mommy to stand up for him. She indirectly believes the Ndikhokhele hit-maker is not man enough because his mother is still the one who fights his own dirty battles.

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