Another mass shooting at a tarven; people died. It is only an ignorant government that will not be able to acknowledge the danger that the people of South Africa are facing. People are being killed all over the country randomly and there is nothing that is being done about it.

Another mass shooting at a tarven; people died

It all started in a Soweto tavern and even there it is believed that the target was just one person and the rest were just caught in the crossfire.

Ever since then, the shootings have been carried out throughout the country. Some of those that have been killed in Soweto we’re being laid to rest.

People continue to die on travels.
It looks like that was not the end of it Because it has now been reported that there has been another shooting that happened in Garankuwa.

The people in this country are no longer safe at all. Two people have been left dead and seven others are left wounded. it is believed unknown suspects fired shots randomly at patrons who were at a tavern in Garankuwa.

People are being terrorized. As some are being buried, some are being killed
South Africa needs protection from the army.
It is high time that the government of this country does something about this. People can not die as this and life continues as usual. President Cyril Ramaphosa needs to deploy the soldiers so that they can protect this country.

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The government of the ANC does not seem to care about the life of an ordinary person. To think that the government once ordered the army to go house to house looking for food so that they can throw them away, and now when the people are dying, the army is no longer there to protect them.

It becomes clear that the country will not succeed under the ANC government because they are failing to do even simple things.

But if it were to be said that there is a resurgence of the Covid19 pandemic, the president will stop everything in the country just so that they can focus on it, ensuring that people wear a mask that has not even been proven that they prevent one from getting the virus. The ANC is showing signs of fatigue and it is up to the people to see that.

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