Another Woman Reveals That She Is Prince Kaybee’s Sidechick. After the emotional turmoil and the public embarrassment Prince Kaybee and his girlfriend went through, in the past week due to his infidelities, another woman has come forward as being his side chick.

Another Woman Reveals That She Is Prince Kaybee’s Sidechick

After the dramatic cheating scandal that took place last week, people are certain that it will take forever for Prince Kaybee to make a comeback. His side chick, Hazel, posted his intimate picture and screenshots of their conversations. That sealed his fate and exposed him for being a cheater.

It was rumored that he had numerous side chicks. Well, a woman posted pictures of herself and left a caption which confirmed that Prince Kaybee had more than one mistress.

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Lethabo Malotsi posted very risqué pictures of herself and captioned them, “Prince Kaybee I’m still your favorite person okay.”

Is she actually his side chick or is she just another clout chaser who is desperate for attention?

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