Bab’Dlamuka from Isencane Lengane has passed on. It is devastating to note that the father of Siyacela, who is known from the Moja Love reality show ” Isencane Lengane” passed away . Siyacela , as he is affectionately known on the reality show used his Facebook account to inform about the sad passing of his father .

Bab'Dlamuka from Isencane Lengane has passed on

As this is is heartbreaking, many people on Facebook were touched and started sending their messages of condolences.


Here are some of the condolence messages that were shared :

It is devastating that Siyacela has lost his father when he still needed him the most. He did not confirm the cause of the death , but he appreciated the role that was played by his father. The followers of the show will know how Siyacela’s father was instrumental in ensuring that his son got married to the woman he loved .

How will the young Siyacela be able to cope without his father ? How is he taking the loss of his father? Nothing can describe the pain that is felt when someone loses a loved one.This is because nobody can fill in the shoes of someone who passes away. Every individual is unique in his/her own ways , hence making it difficult to replace the person when death strikes.

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The pain of losing a loved one does not go away , but it continues to be a part of the loved ones who are left behind .It is a painful moment for Siyacela and he will need to be supported by the community members and his family members .As memories are the ones remaining of Siyacela’s father , they are the ones that will be forever cherished. May his soul rest in peace .


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