Babes attacks Makhadzi and alleges she is sleeping with her man Mampintsha. It seems the war between Babes Wodumo and her mother-in-law Zama Gumede is far from over.

Babes attacks Makhadzi and alleges she is sleeping with her man Mampintsha

Their beef was made known to the world when Zama went on Facebook Live and spewed all the hurtful words you can think of. She even accused her of faking her pregnancy and named her belly a sponge. Babes only addressed the matters with the papers, but months later, she is finally getting things off her chest.


Babes also went on to attack Makhadzi by saying she stinks and does not bath. The Gqom artist said Makhadzi has no future. According to ireportSouthAfrica, she also alleged that Makhadzi is after her man, but then laughed and said she is joking. You thought she was done? Nope, she continued attacking the Khokhovha hitmaker and said she must go cheat on Master KG and must not come anywhere near her man Mampintsha.

Watch the rant below:

On Instagram Live, Babes Wodumo went on a rant and cussed her mother-in-law out and said all sorts of nasty things you can think of. The star had her fans worried as some thought she was having a mental breakdown whilst some think she was drunk.

In the video, Babes accuses Zama of abandoning her son Mampintsha when he was only 3 days old. She also addressed the time when she referred to her grandson as spontshi, but Babes said the sponge messes it’s diapers and does all the things a baby does.

“She mustn’t f***k with me, I’ll fetch her. She’s drunk,” says Babes who then phrased her husband Mampintsha who defended her and said she was drunk, she did not mean it. However Babes said she is drunk from the s***t she was talking.

Babes then threatens her mother-in-law with thugs saying she will send thugs to her home to attack her. She said

The Gqom superstar then says Zama informed them that she is now working but still asks for money from them. After everything she has said about them to the media, Babes still felt obligated to giver her the R1500 she asked for like nothing happened.

The Live continues with Babes saying Zama never apologised to her family for all the hurtful things she said about them. In fact, Zama apparently demanded an apology from Babes, which made the star even more mad. Babes then said all the cuss words that came to mind including b**ch.

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“She said I must apologise, why should I apologise? This dog is drunk. She is saying I should apologise when she has never apologised to my family. This b***h,” said Babes who then apologised for calling her mother-in-law these cuss words, but continued to do so.

Babes said she is from Lamontville so she is not to be messed with. She then proceeds to pray for her food but the rant does not stop there.

The star prays her son does not take after his grandmother because she apparently abandoned Mampintsha when he was 3 days old at a door. Despite her husband speaking for his mother, Babes said she and her family will gang up on her and attack her.

Watch her rant below:

Mampintsha’s mother went on Facebook live a few months ago and said her daughter-in-law’s family is homeless and that she prays Shimora gets the protection he needs from the “homeless” Simelane family. She claimed that Babe’s father reverend Simelane is a fraudster disguised as a man of God. That’s not all, Nondu Simelane, Babes’ then-pregnant sister was labeled a wh*re and she proceeded to make fun of the baby. She then took aim at Babes’ mother saying she should have contacted her as women and told her about the wedding arrangements.

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