Back to my Tembisa boyfriend who drives Golf 7. Caroline Rathabe says she is now back at her boyfriend’s place in the Gauteng province Tembisa since tomorrow they are going back to work after a hard holiday season because of Coronavirus outbreak.

Back to my Tembisa boyfriend who drives Golf 7

People are saying that, she is against Thembisa people for posting her boyfriend’s place more regularly or maybe updating a lot of things about her experiences from the famous this location.

This may be the time when people are going back to their places where they are having their employment opportunities and tomorrow they are going back to work tomorrow. Their are those who are going back to work tomorrow morning while others may still be having some few days off.

Students may be the last group to go back since they are living home from the last week of the month. People whom are living in this kind of rooms while they are in another provinces, back home they are usually building beautiful homes, allegedly.

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This room may seem uncomfortable but, that is actually where people are spotted living in South Africa. It becomes very surprising when someone is living in this house but is driving a beautiful recent car.

If you don’t know how they are operating, back home they are living in big mansions they have seen in towns or surbabs. They are taking those house plans to their home residents.

What do you think of this relationship?

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