A rather peculiar video depicting a bakkie on fire while weirdly ‘parked’ on the side of a wall has surfaced online – The 34-second clip was shared to Twitter by @RoyTheLeeKag who asked people to “balance him”. Bakkie engulfed in flames while ‘parked’ on side of building.

Bakkie engulfed in flames while 'parked' on side of building - Video

South Africans were just as confused as @RoyTheLeeKag as they had tons of questions regarding the odd situation.

Some things in life just don’t have an explanation. That seems to be the case with a new viral video on Twitter. The video shows a bakkie seemingly ‘parked’ on the side of a building while on fire.

@RoyTheLeeKage shared the 34-second video to the social networking site with the caption:

South Africans have so many questions regarding the unusual clip. While most are confused about the bakkie’s random position and how it got there, others are noticing small yet noticeable things in the video that just doesn’t make sense.

A video showing a bakkie on fire while parked on the side of a building has raised many questions. Image: @RoyTheLeeKage Source: Twitter

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Take a look at the peculiar video below:



Take a look at some of the responses below:







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