Better late than never: Pearl Thusi joins the #BussItChallange. Pearl Thusi has finally joined the #BussItChallenge trend that was all over social media few weeks back.

Better late than never: Pearl Thusi joins the #BussItChallange

However, a new challenge has taken over the internet which has made so many people go crazy online.

The challenge called the #silhouettechallange is basically about going naked under the disguise of the red light in the background which does not give other people to see all that they wanted to see.

Although she is yet to join the #silhouettechallange, but Pearl showed that she can still give them the banging body as she participated in the #BussItChallenge.

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In the tweet she made, the actress thanked her fans for loving her and her mess.

Pearl tweeted: “On a positive note… this one for the fans. I love y’all! Thank you for loving me and my mess! I couldn’t go too hard coz sengiyajola.”

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