Big Zulu promises to hit AKA when he meets him. Rapper Big Zulu has taken a major swipe at AKA following the rapper’s opinion on his 150 Bars Diss Track.

Big Zulu promises to hit AKA when he meets him

In the song , Big Zulu dissed Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C, Slik Talk, and Stogie T’s career, K.O and others who think they are untouchable in the industry. Saying he is not scared of them all.

AKA said he would not entertain the song and that it was not really a doss track, more of a Ubuntu Diss Track.

He said this months back when it was released and Big Zulu only responded to him now.

The Imali Eningi rapper clapped back at AKA and told him to stay in his lane.

“This boy AKA called it ‘Ubuntu Diss Track’ just because I said ‘I’m not fighting with you guys’. Yes I am not fighting with them and everything I said on 150 bars was not intended to cause a fight.

“When I released 150 [Bars] it was just rap, not that I wanted to fight with these boys. This is just Hip Hop. AKA must not be forward, he must stay in his lane. Here he is telling me about Ubuntu Diss Track, why did I apologist at the end. If you want a fight approach me directly and talk all that bullsh*t to my face. I will remind him about the things he says on Twitter and show him what he wants,” said the rapper.

Big Zulu once explained why he did not Diss A Reece on the song.

“I noticed that a lot of people questioned why did I not include A-Reece in the track,” he started out. He hesitantly went on to add that he does not really know A-Reece that well to speak about him. He said the people he included in the diss track were people he knew some things about and so he spoke about things that are known and true.


“Maybe I need to release 200 [bars]. Some people I do not know very well. The things I said on 150 bars are things that are real and happening. So I won’t just lie about a person. To be honest, I do not really know A-Reece that well, yes I see that he trends on social media but I do not know him.

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“I’m not saying what he does is not right and I do not really know English that well, I cannot rap in English. Plus I last heard his songs on the radio during his time with the record label that exploits people,” he said taking shots at Ambitiouz Entertainment once again.

Big Zulu wants to meet Cassper in the boxing ring. This was after his fight fight with Priddy Ugly which was a 2 minute embarrassment.

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