Bishop Makamu Has Been Arrested on charges of Se_xual Assault Against His Female Church Members.  At this time, police officials have not issued a statement to confirm the reports. However, reliable sources close to the situation have indicated that Makamu’s arrest actually took place on Wednesday.

Bishop Makamu Has Been Arrested on charges of Sexual Assault Against His Female Church Members

The founder of Endless Hope Bible Church, bishop Israel Makamu has apparently been arrested not long ago in connection with the ya ngwanaka issue. There are also 3 other cases that are said to have been reported between 2015 & 2017, but the dockets have since vanished. Those who were collaborating with them to face music

The founder of Endless Hope Bible Church, bishop Israel Makamu, has been the subject of criticism on social media following a leaked audio with sexual connotations. He will appear at the Palm Ridge magistrate court today.

In the audio, the host of TV show Rea Tsotella on Moja Love channel on DStv can be heard asking for something from a woman he refers to as “ngwanaka” [my child].

He told her he had just dropped off someone and was coming to her, further asking if anyone would see him if he went to her.

“Are you alone?” he asks.

When she confirmed she had no company, the bishop asked her: “Otlo mpha [will you give me]?”

Listen to the Conversation here;

The woman says no and stands firm in her response to Makamu, who begs for her to change her mind. She tells him she will give him on Sunday.

“Wa bhora, ngwanaka [you are boring, my child],” he told her.

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The recording of the conversation has been widely circulated on social media.

According to the channel, Makamu, the founder of Endless Hope Bible Church in Alberton, voluntarily took a decision to step down to allow the internal investigation to take place.

More Details soon!

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