The controversial Twitter account Tracy Zille showed Mzansi flames with the amount of criticism the account laid out towards black people.Black Coffee Claps Back at Private Jet Criticism

The account, which has many believing it is a black man disguised as a white woman recently took shots at Black Coffee for flaunting his expensive lifestyle.Black Coffee Claps Back at Private Jet Criticism

Black Coffee posed in a luxurious private jet suggesting that he is going on a mini-trip with the caption “short left.

Not letting him enjoy his hard-earned money in peace, Tracy Zille compared the DJ with a billionaire who drives a cheap car saying it has become a norm for black people to boast about their wealth.

Internationally acclaimed DJ did not want to give the troll account any more attention than it desires by giving him/her a subtle response.

“Only a black person can pose in a private plane that they don’t own and feel good. This is a white billionaire Mark Zuckerberg,he is apparently driving a $3000 Honda Fit,” criticized Tracy. Coffee did not say much however shut the troll with one word.

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