Forget Sunday Twitter, midnight Twitter is the littiest!Boity And Maps Engaged

Boity And Maps Engaged

This morning, we woke up to the news that Boity and Maps are engaged, the hashtag #BoityEngagedByMaps has been trending at number one all morning.

Black Twitter has a tendency of making the most unexpected hashtags or topics trend when everyone is fast asleep. Since Boity and Maps have not said anything about an engagement, we’re assuming this is fake news. However, it would be awesome if the two were to finally admit that they’re a perfect match.

The two, who’ve become extremely close in recent months have sparked rumours that they’re seeing one another. Just before the national lockdown began, Boity was one of the people who helped organise Maps’ surprise 30th birthday party. This heartfelt gesture fuelled further rumours that the two could be an item, however, they’ve both dismissed the rumours, claiming that they are just really close friends.

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