Boity Thulo Raises Eyebrows As She Reveals Her Ancestral Name.

Boity Thulo Reveals Her Ancestral Name

SA Television and media personality Boity Thulo, raised eyebrows yesterday on Twitter, after revealing her new ancestral name.

The reality show star said people can now refer to her as “Gogo Nomakhwezi,” Her tweet had tweeps questioning themselves on whether her ancestors are Zulu’s with some dragging her from hell to back. Correcting the tweeps Boity said both her maternal and paternal grandmothers are Xhosa.

Boity has been training to become a sangoma since 2016 and she told Glamour recently that her ancestral journey is very personal.

“Yes I did go thwasa but I’m not going to practice as a sangoma. This is a very sensitive matter that I don’t want to talk about in the media. It’s a personal matter and way too deep to be reduced into a celebrity gossip in the newspaper. It’s a secret. It’s so much deeper,” she said.

She slammed rumours that she revealed this part of her life with intentions of boosting her image and career.

“I wasn’t doing it for attention or to boost my career. I’m glad that I did it because as the year progressed, people were inspired, young girls who are on a spiritual journey especially … it was to challenge mainstream beliefs about traditional healing and show people there was nothing to fear,” she clarified.

The beauty who shot to fame 10 years ago, has become a game-changer in the entertainment business. Boity has gone to host renowned TV shows, which have won the hearts of many and turned her into a household name.

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The TV star recently added two titles of being a rapper and a reality show star, to her impressive resume. The TV seems to have found love in the arms of Maps Maponyane. The two have been spotted together several times and they been fueling dating rumours.

Boity recently launched her own fragrance Boity Pink Sapphire and she hosted a star-studded launch. Maps who was one of the guests gushed over her.

“After a dope launch and selling out on her preorders, I couldn’t be more proud of you on creating this world-class fragrance Boity.” He wrote to Miss Thulo. “You’ve put your heart and soul into it, and it’s beautiful to see how #BoityPinkSapphire is now a reality.”

A few days ago she was trolled on Twitter for thirsting on a man. Tweeps asked her if Maps Maponyane’s mom did not say that she is her makoti.

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