Boy, 4, Mistakenly Buys R36k Worth of Ice Cream With His Mom’s Credit Card.A young boy, Noah Bryant, who is a cartoon fanatic has accidentally ordered $2,618.85 (R36 900) worth of popsicles from Amazon – On learning about the situation, the mother lamented, wondering how she is going to settle the debt with the student loan she is struggling with

Boy, 4, Mistakenly Buys R36k Worth of Ice Cream With His Mom’s Credit Card 

All thanks to a friend who set up a GoFundMe for the family, they were able to raise the money to foot the bill

A 4-year-old boy, Noah Bryant, has put his mother in a financial mess as he used her credit card to order boxes of popsicles worth $2,618.85 (R36 900) from Amazon.

The boxes of stick sweet ice cream are SpongeBob SquarePant themed. To make matters worse, the order is a non-refundable one so the company would not be taking back the merchandise, NY Post report.

The mother was so full of joy as thanked everyone who helped with the donations. Photo source: NYPost Source: UGC To help save the situation, a Good Samaritan, helped the family set up a GoFundMe account on Monday, May 3, to cover the cost.

In all, the 51 boxes contain 918 popsicles according to Katie Schloss, a university student in New York. Noah’s mum, Jennifer Bryant, a mother of three, was at a loss on ways to pay the money. Jennifer said she does not know how she would be able to combine settling the debt with her already piled-up student loans.

Situation however, changed on Wednesday, May 5, as the GoFundMe was able to pull in a total amount of $3,675 (R51 000) at the time this report was written. His mother thanked everyone who donated and said that she would be using the excess to support her son’s education and other supplies for him.

When the development hit Twitter, below are the things people had to say:

@ShayInLa said: “That’s why you shouldn’t have automatic sign-in if you have kids! I’m surprised she couldn’t sell at least some to a small corner store.”

@brittynthejets said: “and he’ll do it again.” @Lordkek8 said: “Look at the grin he knows what he did lmfao.”

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@grandfauva said: “My son would become the ice cream man immediately… Most of that is getting sold so he can buy more and sell more.

This habit about to pay for itself kiddo.” Meanwhile, Briefly News Molemo Maarohanye, known professionally as Jub Jub, celebrated his son’s birthday this week with a sweet message online. The musician said he wanted only the best for his lil’ man and he raved about how much he loves the birthday boy. South Africans wished his son a happy birthday and many pointed out how much alike the two look.

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