BREAKING: Top actress Busi Lurayi has passed away!Top actress and singer Busi Lurayi has passed away. The SAFTA winning actress was known for her role as Phumzile on the popular SABC sitcom ‘City Ses’la’ and
later on ‘Ses’Top La’.

BREAKING: Top actress Busi Lurayi has passed away!

She was recently on the cast of the Netflix original ‘How to Ruin Christmas’. Her family confirmed the news in a media statement,
stating that the actress passed away on Sunday the 10th of July 2022 at her home.

The statement further states that “The reason for her death is still unknown as we await the results of the
autopsy report”

Last year, she told Daily Sun that she was over the moon when it got the green light for a second season of How
to Ruin Christmas, just weeks after its premiere. “It was an affirmation that we did it.

She further said: “We came in, we were authentic and true to ourselves and if they want a second season, it
was purely because we have done well. But above all, I was excited to find out what is the continuation and what story are we going to tell further,” she said.

The actress said people are going to love her character Tumi in this new season, and she’s going to reflect who
they are.

“Her character is beautifully written. She’s authentic and very relatable, hence I am saying a lot of people are
going to see themselves in her, one way or another. She will also make people realise the idea of a black sheep of
the family is not a real thing, it is there because we fail to dig deep to understand people,” she said during a
previous interview.

Busi, who plays the lead character of the series produced by Burnt Onion Productions, said her favourite moments on set are when she has to let go of the script and be on the floor and bring her character to

Although her career in the acting industry spans decades and she’s been part of shows such as Generations, Busi said she believes she’s still on a journey to the top.

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“I wouldn’t say I have found my success, but I attribute what I have achieved so far to myself to putting an extra
effort in my work.

“What people don’t understand about this industry is it is possibly one of the hardest and I always equate it to a
surgeon, you always have to work,” said the actress.

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