Buhle Samuels remains undefeated, Goes N_ked Completely On The #SilhouetteChallenge. That’s it. Stop the entries for the Silhouette Challenge. Because we might as well tell you now, it has been WON – in quite breathtaking fashion, too.

Buhle Samuels remains undefeated, Goes N_ked Completely On The #SilhouetteChallenge - Video

Buhle Samuels took to her Instagram page on Sunday night to blow everyone else out of the water, as she stripped down to her birthday suit and raised a few temperatures in the process.

Indeed, the silver-screen seductress is making something of a habit out of these challenges. In December, she slayed the ‘John Vuli Gate’ variation on the theme, and just a few weeks ago, rumours about an attempted ‘Buss It Challenge’ also set pulses racing. On both occasions, the 30-year-old ended up dominating the discourse on social media.

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The former Muvhango actor kicked things up a notch on Sunday, however. The Silhouette Challenge basically requires participants to go from a relatively innocuous situation, to dancing provocatively with the lights turned down low – leaving only the outline of the body visible. Let’s just say Buhle Samuels left the bare minimum to the imagination, here…




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