Busi the Ghost will make Faith commit su!cide. Things are not really looking good for Faith Zwide this week as Busi the Ghost tells her to take her own life.

Busi the Ghost will make Faith commit su!cide

One thing about Busi is she’s very Diplomatic she can even tell you to get Hell and you willing rush there with a smile.

Last week she managed to influence Faith to go and confess all her sins acting as if she was making a good deal for her yet the deal was just to tear her from her family.

This week Busi comes back again and tells Faith it’s time she joins her in the other world without troubles and pain.

She tells her that since her daughter Zanele and other family members including Funani and Nkosi have decided to abandon her, life is no use if she doesnt have anyone by her side.

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She will tell faith to take an overdose of pills and knowing Faith very well and is desperate for a relief in life she might do it.

Elsewhere, Molefe is caught red handed by Rea. Molefe has been hiding and nursing Isaac in the backroom after the failed heist.

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