Busta 929 Allegedly Impregnates A 17 Year Old. It appears that music producer and DJ Busta 929 cannot stay away from drama as he finds himself under public’s scrutiny over damning allegations. According to social media entertainment blogger Musa Khawula, Busta 929 is reportedly to have allegedly impregnated a teenager.

Busta 929 Allegedly Impregnates A 17 Year Old

Although shocking, however these news that has surfaced leveled against DJ Busta 929 are not so shocking anymore. In the past Busta 929 has been reportedly to be doing inappropriate things with underage teenagers. He has felt the wrath of social media at one point where there was even a call to have Busta 929 cancelled once and for all.

This time around it is no different as the amapiano DJ lands himself in hot soup over damning allegations that suggests he has allegedly impregnated a 17 year old girl who is reportedly to be still in high school. Musa Khawula has relayed and even divulged the girl’s name that Busta 929 has reportedly to have impregnated.

“Busta 929 impregnates a teenager. Busta 929 has impregnated a 17 year old girl named Tshepang who is currently in Grade 11” wrote Musa Khawula

Social media is up in arms of these new allegations that has been leveled against Busta 929. Taking to social media, tweeps have lambasted Busta 929 for filth since of course this is not his first time he is being accused of involving himself with younger girls.

There seems to be no end in time with Busta 929 troubles and woes as history keeps on repeating itself where he is concerned.


“I think Busta 929 grew up bamo gana mhn and he got insecure that’s why he never approaches his peers. Now he’s approaching girls he would have loved to date when he was a teenager because how do you explain all this?” wrote Meckenzie Cole

“It is this age group of girls that still enjoys partying the whole weekend without sleeping and that’s where the DJs and artists are always at… No relationship just music and sex which will eventually get to this stage.. Sad thing Busta will continue doing it” wrote Tsa Meso.






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Just recently Busta 929 was making rounds of social, following the news of his of the vocalists he has worked accusing him of exploitation. Vocalist by the name of Mgiftoz Entertainment took to social media to vent about his unsatisfactory, having to work with a DJ like Busta 929 who never credited him nor paid him what was due to him.

“I mean I work my ass out on most trending songs,not even Getting the credit I deserve,the are people up until today who don’t know am the Vocalist behind, Sdudla no Slenda,Vandam ,Sgodo ,Yuriboyka, Nompumelelo and etc am writing this in tears cause I mean I have a daughter that needs me full force as a father n here iam famous but with a low bank balance,what more about my mother she invested alot on me wishing to see me successful and having enough money to take care of me if I can tell my whole story it won’t be nice” wrote Mgiftoz Entertainer

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