Bye Bye Njomane: See Nkunzi’s final Uzalo goodbye. As you know that Sbu and Nkunzi now are biggest enemies at Kwa mashu after Nkunzi betrayed him, so Sbu was always wanted to do revenge to Nkunzi, but he didn’t know how he will do it.

Bye Bye Njomane: See Nkunzi’s final Uzalo goodbye

Eventually the day will come and Sbu fulfill his promise to Nkunzi, everything body Kwa Mashu will think that Nkunzi is dead even Sbu will think that he is Done with Nkunzi,but Nosipho will be shocked when she receive a call from Nkunzi, because she will also believes that it is over about Nkunzi.

Monday 15 August 2022
Episode 116

Sbu achieves his biggest dream to take Nkunzi out for good, has he succeeded? Hleziphi stumbles upon some valuable evidence that threatens to bury Kwanda and Nonka. Mbatha hijacks Gabisile’s interview.

Tuesday 16 August 2022
Episode 117

Nkunzi’s life hangs in the balance while Sbu envisions what his future will look like without the Cool Kruger in it. Hleziphi gets abducted.

Wednesday 17 August 2022
Episode 118

Nonka gets evidence that Kwanda is indeed a drug dealer. Kwanda tortures Hleziphi to get his drugs back. Nyawo’s shocked hearing that Nkunzi is dead.

Thursday 18 August 2022
Episode 119

The township struggles to come to terms with the death of their landlord. Mbatha goes on a hunt for his mamfundisi. Nonka and Hleziphi take hot seats as they fight for their lives.

Friday 19 August 2022
Episode 120

The Xaba family learns of devastating news. The hub is in jeopardy of shutting down. Mbatha must adjust to accommodate Tantaswa.

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And Nkunzi will come back at Kwa Mashu to destroy his enemies and Sbu will try to run away because he will know very well what will happen when Nkunzi Come back Kwa mashu.

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