Cassper Nyovest says he will be a billionaire before hitting the age of 40. The rapper has always been inspired to be the first SA hip-hop artist to be a billionaire, but he’s come out to give an age.

Cassper Nyovest – “I’ll be a billionaire before 40”

The 31-year-old said he had a splendid meeting on Tuesday which will be part of his billionaire journey.

“Just had such a dope meeting today. Feels good when your hard work starts showing fruit. Billionaire in the making!!!”

He further revealed that achieving his goal is closer than he thought.

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“My initial plan was to be a billionaire in 10 years. Today made me believe I will reach my goal sooner. I’ll be a billionaire before 40. God engineering!!!!!”

Mufasa has been intentional about dreams as he now handles different businesses which are getting good reviews and sales.


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