The Twitter Midnight gang hardly ever rests. we close our eyes for a few hours and when we wake up, BOOM!, the whole SA entertainment industry has been turned upside down. Cassper Signs AKA To His Label.

Cassper Signs AKA To His Label

This morning we woke up to the hashtag #AKAJoinsFamilyTree, implying that the rapper has signed to his nemesis Cassper’s record label. This of course is highly unlikely – As far as we know the two can’t stand one another so there’s no way The Supamega would want to sign to Nyovest’s label, especially at a point when they are equally considered as South African Hip Hop heavyweights.

Kairo’s dad is yet to respond to the allegations, so we’re assuming he hasn’t seen the hashtag yet. Mufasa also hasn’t said anything about these claims. This isn’t the first time Twitter’s midnight gang have made false news about the rapper trend. A couple of months back they claimed that the hitmaker had signed under the controversial record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, leaving the man shocked.

Some tweeps even claimed that the two have a track together titled Forgive and Forget, imagine? They’ve even created the cover art for the track. Talk about having time on one’s hands.

Another tweep even made up a quote from the rapper, claiming that the reason AKA released a new Cruz Vodka flavour is that Cassper doesn’t like Watermelon so he had to make sure everything was in order before the announcement about him joining Refiloe Phoolo’s camp.

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AKA has come under a lot of scruitiny ever since he dropped his latest project BHOVAMANIA. The Megacy have expressed their disappointment at the rapper’s latest release and this has left Mega frustrated. Taking to his Twitter earlier on in the month, he slammed those hating on his music.

“No matter what you do … you will NEVER please everyone. Make peace with this. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you will understand why you were put on this Earth.” He Tweeted.

He went on to say that regardless of whatever he does, people will also criticize whether something is good or not as it has been the case with his previous work which is now considered great.

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