Chaos at the Royal Palace As Prince Misuzulu’s life at danger, rushed to Swaziland. It is just tension at the Royal palace this evening and it could be that there will be more of the drama till the next coming days.

Chaos at the Royal Palace As Prince Misuzulu's life at danger, rushed to Swaziland - Video

What started off as a peaceful setting turned ugly just after Prince Misuzulu was announced the new Zulu King, we got to witness some chaos.

However, there is a new video that a lot of people probably did not get to see, this is where the new King was whisked away by his security personnel.

It seems like there might be problems, there might be people who are not happy with Misuzulu being the King, but that was in the late Queen Mantfombi Dlamini-Zulu’s Will and it is clear that these were her wishes.

King Misuzulu is the eldest son of Queen Mantfombi and she made her decision, those who are not pleased will have to deal with it. In the video, there are those who are heard saying that the King should be whisked away, now it was as if his life was in danger.

Maybe there were expectations that the situation will be the way it was, but who would have thought that there would be that much chaos.

And the thing about all of this is that it happened in the public eye, that is why we are now seeing new videos because everyone was trying to get a glimpse of the moment.

We will have to hear what the elders of the Royal family think about what happened because this has done one thing, it has put the Royal family in the spotlight, once again.

There are going to be a lot of stories about what happened tonight and the attention might be too much to handle.

However, there is nothing that can be done, the media was there and they did their job, the intention was clear on the family’s side, they wanted to make this public, hence the media were invited to the reading of the Will.

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We know that the King left the palace, but the question is, where was he taken? There have been some guesses, some people think that he might have to go to Swaziland for some time.

But, we will have to wait for the update from the family members so that we can be sure about what is going to happen.


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