Comedian Tumi Morake Moves To The United States Of America. Tumi Morake has made history on several fronts in the South African entertainment scene. Comedy has made her a name to be reckoned with even on the International stage. However, she says acting is her first love. The renowned Netflix comedian is reaching new heights as Tumi Morake moves to the US.

Comedian Tumi Morake Moves To The United States Of America

Tumi has announced through her Instagram that she is now living in the United States of America. The comedian will be based in Atlanta, and she jokes that she is an Atlant alien. Her post showed a lot of excitement on Tumi’s end of this opportunity. Whether she has moved with her family or for work, the actress has yet to announce.

Tumi made history when she became the first African woman to have her own set on Netflix’s comedy scene. She is part of Netflix’s Comedians of the world, which has gained her a lot of international recognition. Tumi also made history when she became the first woman to host Comedy Central Presents in Africa. She has several awards under her belt because of her talent, and the recognition came with a lot of fame. History was made as she became the first woman to win the Comic of the year Award in 2016.

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Besides being a comedian, Tumi Morake is also an actress which is what she studied for in school. Tumi has been vocal about not getting any work in the acting industry because of her body size. She has told stories of how it was challenging getting roles as a plus-size actress. However, despite all the challenges, she has bagged several Television roles over the years. These include soapies like The Queen, Rockville, Seriously Single, Soul Buddyz only to mention a few.

Morake also has a successful career as a host of several hit shows. She presented Our Perfect wedding, which went quite well with her humour. The entertainer went on to host Red Cake-Not the Cooking show, and the ultimate show of all was her talk show called WTFTumi. She has also authored and published a book called, And Then Mama Said in 2018.

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