Caiphus had to work very hard to win Gloria’s heart and is over the moon now that they’re officially dating. It was touch-and-go for the two as Gloria was sure her boss, Wesley, was her secret admirer when Caiphus tried winning her heart with poems and gifts.But in the end, true love prevailed, and the two ended up together.

Congratulations : Gloria and Caiphus' wedding.

The Wedding
Gloria sooner or later unearths her manner to a lovely white wedding ceremony together along with her cute fiancé Caiphus . The place set for the event will prove to be one-of-a kind.But, drama turns up like an uninvited visitor because the rain begins pouring and the roads to the wedding venue or place collapses!
Now, despite the fact that the attire for the wedding can’t be delivered to the special day’s venue, the show must go on no need to stop.Then, the drama deepens because the cash Caiphus and Gloria deliver to pay for the wedding mysteriously is going to be missing and an investigation gets underway.


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Winnie is shocked by extreme measures that Mbali has put in place to ensure continued deception. Gloria has a colour crisis she can’t escape.A woman disappears along with someone else’s hopes and dreams. Nhlamulo admits a secret to win a potential partner’s trust.

Mbali’s worst nightmare is about to come true. Erin is upset that matters have been kept from her. Caiphus tries to dismiss the uncomfortable questions Freddie asks.A man is stunned when he enters unannounced and insists on answers to what’s been happening behind his back. Caiphus makes a shocking discovery.

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