Congratulations Khanya! She is now mommy to a little girl! South African actress television presenter and DJ artist Khanya Mkangisa best known for her roles in the popular serials Isidingo, Shattered, Step Up to a Start Up and Harvest celebrated her birthday recently.

Congratulations Khanya! She is now mommy to a little girl!

As Khanya Mkangisa, who is also a television presenter and DJ artist, turns 33, she celebrated by getting a baby.

“The is probably the sweetest surprise I’ve ever received. Thank you so much to my Doll Face’s father for her, I love you both. 🤩 I’ve never owned a pet before, feel free to give me tips and pointers on the comment section.” she gushed as she introduced Barbie to her fans


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Khanya Mkangisa’s tasteful photography

Khanya Mkangisa on holiday, went to the Chapman’s Peak Scenic Route, from where she posted several breathtaking shots of the scenery from the top of Chapman’s peak, on Instagram.


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Her followers really lapped it all up. They went gaga of her pictures from her recent trip to Dubai as well. We can surely say the sun, sand and beach love her as much as she does it.

When Khanya Mkangisa went too explicit on Twitter!

In a now deleted tweet that really raised eyebrows, Isidingo star Khanya Mkangisa went really explicit on her Twitter page without any warning.

The tweet that got some followers speculating and yet others wishing.

No stranger to a controversy, this time it looks like even Khanya felt it was a tad bit too racy a post that she quickly pulled it down and made her twitter account private.


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Though the original tweet cannot be accessed. Here’s a response to it:

When Khanya Mkangisa and J Molley broke up

Isidingo star Khanya Mkangisa and her boyfriend J Molley called it quits on the relationship or as J Molley calls it a ‘fling.’

Molley who is 10 years younger than Khanya, has now moved on to someone else and things already look serious. He posted pictures of her and what looks like a tattoo of his initials.

Khanya Mkangisa’s message for her trolls

When Khanya Mkangisa revealed her relationship with J Molley, she was trolled by followers who thought too much of their 10-year age gap.

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Well, Khanya Mkangisa, let her trolls know what she felt about it: “F*** you, f*** all of you”she said while showing them the middle finger. Here’s the video:

When ZAlebs spoke to one of the coolest actresses who made her way up since she started a=out at the age of 14, Khanya Mkangisa, she gave very candid responses. Zalebs also quizzed her about her experiences in the acting world, and how it compares to her presenting jobs.


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