Connie Ferguson reportedly loses another family member. When it rains, it pours, and Connie Ferguson recently lost another member of her family. Shona Ferguson’s death has left many people devastated, and many more are still in disbelief.

Connie Ferguson reportedly loses another family member

Connie Ferguson and her family have received a flood of condolence messages.
Another terrible piece of news has upset thousands of social media users. Connie Ferguson’s cousin passed away lately.

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“The death of Shona Ferguson has left me in a condition of sadness. Connie Ferguson’s cousin, Princess Masilo, has died “-as South African celebrities have stated.

Connie Ferguson, who continues to lose loved ones, has a lot of people sympathizing with her. “When it rains, it pours,” Jullia comforted Connie, “but it’s too much for one person to handle all of this.”

Many individuals believe Connie Ferguson is incapable of handling this situation. Sibongile, who is inconsolably unhappy, observed, “Wow, absolutely horrible news, after her husband and now her cousin.”

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