In this article you get an overview of how life with having grandchildren makes you feel about being an elderly person .

Cute Picture Of Jabu Hlongwane Welcoming His 4th Grandchild

It is true when they say children will always be a blessing from the lord above.

When God blesses you with children you have joy,peace and happiness in your life and your spirit.

As we all know Jabu Hlongwane is a Gospel Artist who sings on Joyous Celebration,and has been with Joyous celebration for so many years.

He is popularly known for his song that says Ngifuna wena Nkosi yam.

This song heals many souls and the words itself speaks directly to the soul of a person.

Jabu Hlongwane posted a picture of him with his 4th grandchild.


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Having grandchildren is a blessing from God that is why they say a home without children is not a home,a home is a home by kids.

Kids have a way of bringing Joy to the household, where there seems to be no happiness, a child can put a smile on the parent at the end of the day

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