Cyril Ramaphosa Lookalike Caught On Camera Grooving With Ama2000. Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa is a South African President. He was born on the 17th of November 1952 in Soweto, Johannesburg. born in Soweto, Johannesburg, on 17 November 1952. His parents are Vendas.

Cyril Ramaphosa Lookalike Caught On Camera Grooving With Ama2000 - Video

He is the second of the three children to Erdmuth and retired policeman Samuel Ramaphosa. In 1976 he was detained again, following the unrest in Soweto, and held for six months at John Vorster Square under the Terrorism Act. He has 5 children. Ramaphosa is married to Patrice Motsepe’s sister, Tshepo Motsepe.

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Ramaphosa became a President in February 2018, Following President Jacob Zuma’s resignation, Ramaphosa was elected unopposed as President of South Africa by the National Assembly on 15 February 2018. He has been the President since 2018 and he was General Secretary to the late and former South African President Nelson Mandela. He served as Jacob Zuma’s Deputy from 2014-2018.

There is a video of Cyril Ramaphosa making rounds on social media. In the video, Ramaphosa can be seen dancing with a young lady looking like someone drunk. Some people are saying he is tired of being President as he is now drinking Savannah. Some people are saying is not him they just look alike.

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