#DateMyFamily: See How Mbali And Drip Gogo Are Doing After The Show. There is always curiosity when it comes to how things are going between the bachelor and the chosen lady.

#DateMyFamily: See How Mbali And Drip Gogo Are Doing After The Show

You might have seen a lot of people talking about how Mbali and Drip Gogo were a perfect match and maybe there is no denying that.

They did look good together, one thing about Date My Family, one can never tell which person they will get along with.

The bachelors and bachelorettes take chances and hope that things go their way, that is the whole point of going to the dating show. Drip Gogo made a decision and lucky him, he ended going on a date with Mbali and he probably thought that he had made the best decision.

One might say that there is no reason for Drip Gogo not to make sure that things work out, Mbali, as some might put it, is every man’s dream.

Her personality was on point and she is obviously very beautiful, so if that is the case, what went wrong? You might have thought that the two are still together, but unfortunately, things did not work out between them.

Drip Gogo was the one who announced this on Twitter, he mentioned that Mbali was a good person, but there were some differences between them.

Maybe this has something to do with the work that Drip Gogo does, it happens sometimes, people have their own dreams. And it can be hard to compromise sometimes, especially if this means you have to change the way you do things.

Now, there is a picture where Mbali and Drip Gogo are together and they look a bit cosy, if we did not know, we would say that they are dating.


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And again, the picture reminds us that the two really look good together, it is unfortunate that they did not make it. But, they seem like they are good people, so they will probably meet the right people for them.

This might have made some people sad, but it is what it is, things do not always work out the way we would want them to.

One thing that we will remember them for is that they gave us a memorable experience, the episode was very entertaining.

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