Dawn Thandeka King bows out of ’Uzalo’. For fans who have seen it because of the legendary actress Dawn Tandeca King, the prestigious SA soapy “Uzaro” may never be the same.

Dawn Thandeka King bows out of ’Uzalo’

A-lister, who has been part of the SABC 1 show since its inception seven years ago, bowed gracefully from the show. And she will deliver her last monologue on Monday night (April 26th) at 8:30 pm.

The King character, Mankobo, was a very popular character. She was a notorious gangster in Kwamsha, no one was afraid and killed the one who got in the way.

“Today is the end of the trip, so it’s a very moving day for me. I’ve been on the show since the first episode. It was also my first telenovela shot in Durban and” Uzaro “thanks me forever. He gave me a lot of the first things to do, “King said.

She said she wants viewers to see her heartfelt dedication as she plays the final scene of the show tonight.

“This show stretched me very thinly. As an actor, I had to make choices that I didn’t think I needed to do. But I had the opportunity to grow. Every season, I was responsible for growing MaNgcobo’s character and providing viewers with something different, and I had the opportunity, “she said.

She said her fans were very supportive of her decision to leave while others begged her to stay on the show.

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“My character has grown so big. There’s nothing more she can do at the show. It’s time to rest her. I may come back someday, but now I need to take a break. I did, “King said.

King posted a video on social media with a caption. “And today, my trip at @ uzalo_sabc1 is over. Thank you to MaNgcobo, ningadinwanangomuso for the love you have shown. Thanks to @ stainedglasstv1 for the opportunity. Thank you for the breakthrough. . # SALUTE❤️ “.

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