Did she just appear in public with no undergarments? Candice got many questioning their eyesight. Candice Modiselle is a South African actress, television presenter, Socialite and businesswoman who was able to act at a very young age when she appeared in her school drama.

Did she just appear in public with no undergarments - Pic

That one experience led her to believe that her dreams would one day come true if she persisted in the entertainment industry and never looked back from it.

Candice comes from a family of three sisters and was raised with her sisters – Refilwe and Bontle. While Refilwe (the oldest), looked very different from others, Bontle and Candice shared the same body looks and facial appearance that led many to look at them as twins. Candice has to always remind her fans that she’s not Bontle because they believe they look the same and they often take them as twins

Ever since Candice came out of the entertainment industry with her sister, fans have always regarded her as her older sister, Bontle, because they have the same facial appearance, Even those who have seen that it is not Bontle often think that they are probably the same twins. Other than that, the two are in the same industry and It’s hard to separate them.

The TV star surprised many with her outfit which she appeared to have posted on social media because it looked as if she was wearing not wearing her underwears.

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Her fans reprimanded her saying she was starting to misbehave because she was too young and they don’t think it was a good to behave this manner she’s , undermining her dignity.

And some had criticized her for her two-tone body as if she was a person who likes wearing shorts, although others had not been able to see exactly what she was wearing they couldn’t believe their eyesights as they kept looking at pictures over and over again as if they were having problem with eyesights.

Candice saw that people were confused about her dress, she decided it would be best for her to respond immediately she explained that it was not true that she is was not wearing her underwear but she was wearing a type of tight from”Brazilian cut bikini”which was what made people ending up being confused and questioning their eye sight.

She said people should famillarise themselves with themselves with Brazilian cut bikinis before asking her about her undergarments.

Thanks to her for clarifying this because people are so quick to judge and now they are embarrassed, because it’s clear that they didn’t know about this type of bikini’s.

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