Did You Know, JubJub Is messing with Sangomas? For some days now, twitter has been buzzing with tension between Jub Jub and Amanda Dupont. At first the issue was between Jub Jub and his baby mama, Kelly Khumalo.

Did You Know, JubJub Is messing with Sangomas?

This drama started when Jub Jub accuses Kelly Khumalo of using Muthi. He exposed Kelly Khumalo and also embarrassed her. Jub Jub who’s the ex boyfriend of Kelly, told the media that Kelly’s Muthi is the reason why most of Kelly Khumalo’s boyfriend died and others meet critical life challenges.

What many didn’t know is that, Jub Jub is messing with Sangomas. When we grew up, we were told that Sangomas are special kind people and you don’t mess up with them.

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Kelly Khumalo is a Sangoma, she went through all training in 2018. She’s not the first celebrity to become Sangoma. Maybe this could be the reason why she never bothered to respond Jub Jub since Sangomas are people of sprit.

Media personality, Masechaba Ndlovu decided to accept her ancestral calling and now she is a qualified sangoma. She is also in deputes with Jub Jub after coming forward that Jub Jub also raped her.

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