Diddy Is A Fan Of Kabza De Small. Renowned Hip Hop mogul Diddy recently uploaded a Ciroc ad through Instagram playing one of Kabza de Small’s track in the background. He even tagged the South African Piano King in the record. This is a major co-sign, big up to Kabza.

Diddy Is A Fan Of Kabza De Small - Video

Kabza De Small recently gave the timeline something to laugh about. However, his humour did not land well because many thought it was a direct dig at the internationally renowned DJ Black Coffee.

A video of the Scorpion King imitating the different sound effects from one of Black Coffee’s sets has gone viral. His version of the set had many rolling on the floor with laughter. Whilst many thought it was just light humour from the DJ, others could not help but take it further by saying Kabza De Small was mocking Black Coffee.



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Many came to his defense saying it’s common for Pretoria people to describe sounds in the way Kabza did. For others, they warned Kabza to not mock Black Coffee as that could see the end of his career.



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