Dineo Ranaka announces divorce from Klaas Pesha in viral fight with another baby daddy. Dineo Ranaka always prides herself of being a private person by controlling what the public knows about her, by what she shares. However this recent outburst which laid her love life bare, shows a side of her that left everyone very shocked.

Dineo Ranaka announces divorce from Klaas Pesha in viral fight with another baby daddy

Dineo shocked the nation when she revealed that she got married 10 months ago to a man named Klaas Pesha. Not only that but she announced that she welcomed her third baby into this world who is fathered by Pesha.Dineo Ranaka

She even re-introduced herself as Mrs. Dineo Ranaka-Pesha, cementing her status as a married woman.
A clip that was shared by a popular Instagram gossip page called Maphepha Ndaba saw Dineo shouting, screaming and hurling insults at a man named Sechaba Thole.

Thole is believed to be a man she was involved with after the demise of her marriage with Pesha. You heard that right, Dineo and Klaas Pesha are allegedly no longer married and this was revealed by her on the video.

Dineo said that her mental health matters the most and she had to leave a marriage which did not even reach a year because she guards her sanity more than anything.

The video which left a very bitter taste on people’s mouths saw Dineo insulting Sechaba saying she used him to heal from her broken marriage with Klaas. She even boasted about being bigger and having a higher celebrity status than Thole saying when she wakes up even satan gets a headache.

“The problem is that you think you know me and you think you know too much,” said Dineo. “I used you to heal. You use people to boost your f***n ego. Grow up!” continued Dineo.

She even boasted about making people’s souls move when they say her name.

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Dineo even boosted her own ego by saying Sechaba’s anxiety gets heightened whenever he thinks about calling her. Dineo said it’s because she is too big for him.


“It’s not even about clout or celebrity status, I work too damn hard to be a healthy woman.”

Tweeps even dug out Thole’s work profile which states that he is a chartered accountant from Thole Chartered Accountants.

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