Dj Lamiez clears the air about the whole misunderstanding.The festive season is the one time where our favourite entertainers get booked left, right and centre. Attending gigs back to back can affect a persons health if they are not cautious. Which is why some decide to take some time off just to reset.

Dj Lamiez clears the air about the whole misunderstanding

Lamiez is one of the most booked female DJs in the country, who effortlessly rocks the dancefloors in some of Mzansi’s trendiest chill areas. With so many bookings, the body can become fatigued and worn out. Which is why Lamiez decided that maybe taking some time off for at least 2 weeks, will do wonders for her.

The radio presenter took to social media to speak about her current mental state, saying she is feeling drained. She will not be completely off the radar though, as she revealed her other jobs can be done remotely.

Other ZAlebs who are taking their much needed rest include Somizi, AKA, Nadia Nakai, Mihlali Ndamase, Minnie Dlamini and Unathi, just to name a few.


Lamiez ended her year on a positive note despite having lost a close colleague who also became her brother. She is adamant on getting justice for Blackie, a content creator who died during a scuffle with another driver.

“He was my little brother. Literally lived in my house on weekends coz we’d get back home from gigs in the wee hours. His parents trusted my husband and I. They loved us. They loved him. He was innocent. So full of love. So full of life. It just isn’t fair!

“I fucking hate it here! Innocent people are killed whilst ruthless barbaric animals roam the streets freely! We are in hell! This morning I woke up to the most horrific news and it breaks me even more because ngwana o wa kogae was so peaceful. So quiet. So full of love,” wrote Lamiez after finding out about his death.



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The last time Lamiez felt so much pain was when she lost her father in 2019. This was revealed by her, who said the pain was too unbearable for her. Attending his funeral, she said she felt robbed off a little brother, “This has been the toughest week I’ve had in a very long time. The last time I felt this much pain was when I lost my dad in 2019.

“Ong robile Pelo ngwana wa kogae. (You have robbed me of a little brother.) Saying my final goodbye today felt like one long nightmare. You were however given such a dignified sendoff and that makes me happy. I love you- I always will. Our team won’t be the same without you. I promise to take care of your parents for you. I however refuse to believe that this is God’s will. You were taken away from us in a senseless Murder and I will not rest until your killer is found.”

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