DJ Sbu finally paying for what he did to Zahara. Over the past few years, Multimillionaire and interpreneur Dj Sbu, has lost a lot of followers due to ongoing rumours which were even backed by Zahara, that he cheated her and benefited off of her hard work- and it seems now that fate has caught up to him.

DJ Sbu finally paying for what he did to Zahara
According to various media reports, Dj Sbu has been slapped with a huge sum of 15 million Rands from South African Revenue Services- and that if he doesn’t produce the money in the next coming months he could be prosecuted on tax evasion charges.

More findings Show that this is not the first time that the Mo-Faya owner has had trouble with the Revenue services- he has been constantly trying to evade the revenue services since 2018 when he was slapped with a sum of R2.2 million Rands, which they confirmed this year that he refused to pay under the pretence that he settled his debt


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We have since tried to get a comment out of Dj Sbu but so far, we have not found anything because he refuses to answer our calls- but it looks like a normal thing in their world because most musicians which are close to him have all been summoned by SARS on tax evasion charges.

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