DJ Zinhle Accused of playing part in the de@th of AKAs Girlfriend. Earlier this morning , The wife and Girlfriend of AKA commutes Sau_cide. It’s a know fact that a person cannot just take his/her life without something else being involved on the matter. As people continue to link the story , everything is leading to DJ Zinhle.

DJ Zinhle Accused of playing part in the de@th of AKAs Girlfriend

It is not yet clear on why DJ Zinhle is the main accused on the matter . Maybe it is because of her previous relationship with AKA and people try to think of her as a person of jealous.

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As things stand , the husband haven’t released any statement on the matter or to even give his side of the story.

I personal think there must be serious investigations on the matter . It can never happen that a person just commit suicide without anything involved.

Also usually when a person dies , it’s due to the husbands fault or involvement , it’s also expected on this matter

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