Dr Mchunu from Durban Gen’s emotional exit. Just as he gets to finally kiss Dr Luthuli, Mchunu‘s journey comes to an end. Executing his farewell flawlessly, he manages to make viewers teary the whole episode. Although this is just an act for the small screen, Mchunu‘s exit is even more emotional behind the scenes.

Dr Mchunu from Durban Gen’s emotional exit - Video

In a bid to save Lwandle, Dr Zulu‘s daughter, Mchunu puts his life on the line. Ringo, an ex-convict charged with rape and murder holds Lwandle hostage as an escape rout from the Durban General Hospital. Taking the law into his own hands, Mchunu tries talking the sought after convict out of kidnapping Lwandle. Just as Ringo is about to let his guard down, Mchunu attempts an attack on the ex-convict. In panic, the brave doctor is gunned down and bleeds to death, bringing his journey on the show to an end.

Video: Dr Mchunu from Durban Gen’s emotional exit

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Taking to Instagram, Fanele Zulu playing Dr Mchunu on Durban Gen posts a behind the scenes video which leaves fans in awe. His co-stars Mbali, Zondo and Luthuli crowd around the sobbing Mchunu and it’s clear his exit is a heavy blow on the trio and on Mchunu as well. As the directors and the whole cast cheers him on, Dr Mchunu finally bids farewell to the show.

Durban Gen is the first South African medical soapie which premiered in October 2020 and its already reeling in a lot of viewers. Fanele Zulu exits the show just three months after bagging the role of Dr Mchunu on Durban Gen. With the way he was becoming a fan favorite, this comes as a shock and catches masses unaware. Fanele Zulu is a South African actor, musician and TV presenter popularly known as Zulu Black. The budding actor, when not gracing our small screens will be presenting on TV or spitting bars under the West Ink record label.

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