Dr Musa Blames It All On His Late Friend Akhumzi. The late actor Akhumzi Jezile left a huge impact when he passed away in 2018, and the nation was saddened as they sent him off on his way, even as fellow celebrities eulogised him beautifully. But who would have thought that close to four years after his death, his best friend would still find some humour in their relationship?

Dr Musa Blames It All On His Late Friend Akhumzi

Dr Musa Mthombeni recently took to social media to lament on the fact that he has been putting on weight. He said that the rate at which he is gaining weight cannot be normal, and it must mean that Akhumzi is sending down extra fat from heaven.

He opened up the floor for his own roasting, as one fan told him that the joke was way too dark, much like Musa himself.




In fact TV personality and producer Andile Ncube joined in to poke fun at Musa, asking him to stop blaming Akhumzi, who would keep his weight to himself, like Musa keeps darkness to himself. He said he cannot die because he doesn’t want his enemies using his name to shine like Musa was doing with Akhumzi’s name.






But other fans pointed out the fallacy in his argument. He just married the love of his life Liesl Laurie, and following either of them on social media, you can clearly tell that they are madly in love with each other.



Anybody who has been in a stable, happy relationship before will know that it comes with “relationship weight”, which is what Musa is suffering from right now. The culprit of his weight gain is not in heaven, but right beside him at home, he was taught.

Musa and Akhumzi were best friends during his lifetime. The two shared many beautiful moments, and it must have been rough for Musa when his bestie wasn’t present at his wedding. In fact, the doctor gave the most touching tribute on Trending SA to Akhumzi when he died, moving all of Mzansi to tears.






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“In my heart you hold a place that no one could ever fill, it broke my heart to lose you but you didn’t go alone. A part of me went with you. Akhumzi I’m angry at you for not saying goodbye, but there’s nothing that I can do about that now, all I can hope for is that you’re at a better place and looking down at us and smiling like you always did, I love you my friend,” he said.

It’s great to see that even four years after Akhumzi departed, Musa still has fond memories of him and still regards him as a key part of his life. It is also great that he can make light of the situation which we all know is devastating.

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