Dr Tumi took to social media to open up about his near-death experience and, in his birthday post, confessed that he has contemplated suicide before.Dr Tumi admits to suicide attempt

Dr Tumi took to social media to celebrate his thirty-ninth birthday on Friday, 10 July 2020. The No Other God musician marked the special day with a touching post which saw him opening about his suicide attempt. He stated, “God has kept me and given me so much joy. [I] wouldn’t be smiling if it wasn’t for Him. From saving me the night I wanted to commit suicide and bringing me to a blessed place like He did.”Dr Tumi admits to suicide attempt

Dr Tumi’s confessional tweet led to his strong following flooding the comments section with birthday wishes and words of encouragement. Included in the comments were messages from fans explaining how his music has helped them overcome their own depressive and suicidal thoughts.

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